I have always had a fascination with mechanics and fixing all types of different things. Be it TV's, Computers, Lawn Mowers, Cars, Bicycles or Motorcycles. I've always enjoyed wrenching on things!

I’m the guy that tore things apart when I was young just to see how they worked.

(And I still do that sometimes. J )

I have always been my own mechanic as well as the go-to-guy for all things that need fixing for family and friends.


From 2002-2004 I attended B.T.C. ( Bellingham Technical College ) for Electronics & Industrial Automation & Control Technology. I attribute my strong understanding of electrical systems on power sports equipment, primarily to that education.

After working on some of my family’s motorcycles, I came to the realization that I truly enjoyed it and wanted to make a career out of it.

And to do that, I needed a degree!


In May of 2010 I moved to

Phoenix , AZ to pursue my dream!


I fully devoted myself to learning all that I could during the two years I was there, gleaning as much information as possible from my instructors and fellow students.


Two years later I graduated top of my class. It wasn't easy, but all the effort paid off and with some time in the field, I now own my own shop!


I always knew that to do things the way I wanted, I would have to be my own boss.



I like to spend that few extra minutes cleaning a bike or adjusting that cable or lubing that squeaky brake lever! At a dealership however, all too often the focus is on getting the units in and out as fast as possible, and that's just not how I’m wired to do work!

I am to detail oriented!


At most dealerships, that few extra minutes spent on each machine adds up over time and they view it as a loss of income!

I see if differently. I honestly believe in treating others (And your toys) how I would want to be treated! How some people and companies can treat customers like Walking ATM Machines and try to charge you the highest they can (And still keep your business) is truly infuriating!


It shouldn’t be that way! Business should NOT be looked at through the eyes of Greed, but rather through the eyes of fairness! Honest Work, For Honest Pay!



I simply look at it like this...


If it was MY BIKE, I would do it a certain way, so that is how I try to treat YOUR BIKE (Or ATV, PWC, etc...)

"Quality Work & Going The Extra Mile For Each And Every Customer!"



And here’s the skinny…

A dealership has it's place, but I can offer you superior quality service at a lower cost because I don't have all the overhead cost of being a dealership!



The benefit of taking it to the dealership, is that while your machine is in for service, you can look at all the shinny new equipment and try to resist the sales team from talking you into one!

I’ve worked in that industry and know first hand that it is the service department that keeps a dealership in the green!

These days there are not enough new units sold to even pay the salaries of the sales staff!

And a parts department usually breaks even after paying salaries, but rarely makes a profit!


And that ladies and gentlemen, is why I am here.


Because without a Sales Team & Parts Guys to pay, I can offer you superior services, all at a Lower Cost to You!

And I can do it with the detail and care that I know I would want from a Power Sports Technician.





Thank you for listening to my ranting and raving. J






I look forward to seeing you (and your machine) very soon!